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Cloudera Infastructure Services

Any successful solution must be built on a solid base. In order to obtain value from data in a Cloudera Apache Hadoop solution it is critical to establish the system architecture to support your businesses big data requirements.  EOH can assist in laying the foundation of your solution by offering the following Infrastructure services


Advisory Services

In order to implement Cloudera Apache Hadoop, it is vital that all the planning is done correctly to ensure a sustainable solution. EOH will assist with this process by defining your data strategy, capacity planning, infrastructure architecture and supporting landscape to ensure your solution meets your current and future requirements.

Installation Services

Our installation services includes assisting with the installation of the hardware infrastructure, installation of Cloudera Apache Hadoop and configuration of the solution to ensure everything is running optimally. This service can also include data migration if needed.

Managed Services

Your data is a strategic asset, and your success of the solution relies on the performance and reliability of your Cloudera Apache Hadoop cluster. Allow EOH to assist by providing managed services that can include system monitoring, version upgrades, backup and recovery.

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