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EOH Cloudera’s Apache Hadoop, Your Big Data solution

Big data is no longer the future, it is part of our everyday lives. Every year, the Volume of data, its variety and velocity is breaking new records, and with this brings forth new challenges in understanding and unlocking the information in it. By unlocking the data, this can help your organisation discover vital information that may have been hidden in your product inventories, opportunity pipelines or customer histories.

This information can help you discover why things happen in your business, you can drill down into your data and see correlations, discover new opportunities and predict outcomes to make more confident business decisions.

All organisations must commit to support their big data architecture with building blocks as to

quickly adapt to the ever-changing business demands and technical advances, however the Big Volume calls for scalable storage and a separate approach to reporting and data presentation. Many Organisations have massive amounts of archived data with no capacity to process this. We will assume that the Big volumes of data are bigger than conventional infrastructures could handle, and this is where data warehousing solutions comes into play. Rarely does data come ready for simple integration into any application, the variety is diverse and does not fall into neat structures. The Apache Hadoop solution has no conditions on the structure of the data it could process nor has any restrictions or limitations on the velocity or at which the data flows in the organisation.

While organisations require the massive benefit of a Big Data solution, they don’t need the hassle involved in implementation.

EOH Cloudera’s open source solution, Apache Hadoop, delivers the solution that integrates with existing technologies which scales to handle the rising amount of data and simplifies the management of the organization’s entire network, it also delivers performance, scalability and manageability while increasing speed of deployment that can save your organisation a lot of headache, time and money when implementing your big data solution.


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